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The ultimate guide to yoga in Ubud

A warning to all yoga-lovers out there: once you enter Ubud, you will not leave.

Okay so you might leave eventually, but it will probably be long after you had first planned to.

I didn’t even expect to like it that much since I’m not usually a fan of crowded towns or cities but I just couldn’t get enough of THAT UBUD VIBE. I usually cringe when people use the word “vibe” but it’s just so appropriate in this situation.

The majority of medium to long-term visitors are yoga-lovers, hippies and/or spiritual-seekers so you can imagine the kind of laid-back atmosphere that creates in the town.

Even if you’re not interested in that stuff, you’ll still love the place as there’s just so much to do (a separate post is coming up on non-yoga-related activities in Ubud).

Whilst I was there I visited almost every studio at least once and have dutifully put together this Ultimate Guide to Yoga in Ubud! I hope you find it useful 🙂

Prices are in Indonesian Rupiah.

1. The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from The Yoga Barn because it is hyped up so much as THE ULTIMATE PLACE for yoga in Ubud.

But as it turns out it is 100% worthy of the title.

Bearing in mind they had NO Ashtanga yoga on the menu when I was there that is saying a lot coming from me!

It’s more of a resort than a yoga studio. There are five yoga shalas, a guesthouse, a holistic healing centre (massage, Ayurveda, Reiki etc.) and a garden café offering all kinds of healthy, organic treats to keep your energy up between classes.

The shalas are set among lush greenery and don’t even get me started on those wonderful, polished oak floors.

The schedule is more than just your standard yoga classes (such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin). You’ll find unusual classes and events like Tibetan bowl meditations, Qi Gong and Kirtan. They host an Ecstatic Dance on a Tuesday night, which is basically a sober hippie rave. I absolutely loved it!

They also host yoga teacher training courses and regular workshops. The studios are quite big so naturally there can be a LOT of people in the room. But I’ve found the instructions of the teachers to be so clear that this isn’t an issue.

Favourite class: Yin yoga with Tina. Her instruction was just ridiculously clear and everything she said slotted so much into place in my head. She really knows her stuff you can tell she’s super experienced. You’ll leave her classes feeling like you are melting into the earth.


Drop-in: 130k

5-class pass: 500k (you can get 3, 5, 10, 20-class passes too)

1 month unlimited class pass: 2.6 million

2. Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive Yoga

Radiantly Alive is somewhat more “Western” than The Yoga Barn: it’s hard to describe in words but you will see what I mean if you visit both studios.

It’s a light and airy space and well-kitted out with the latest yoga props.

Despite the fact that there was very little Ashtanga on the menu during my trip, I must admit I still ended up buying an unlimited class pass to the studio!

Not to be missed is Paul’s Vinyasa class; his cries of “Make it LUUUUSH!” as we moved through his energetic vinyasa sequences had me crying with laughter. That was the sweatiest I have ever been during a yoga class but I sure felt great afterwards!

Some of the classes can get super busy (especially Vinyasa) so this studio might not be for you if you are in search of a more intimate yoga experience.

Favourite class: Roll & Release with James Mattingley. You’ll learn all about fascia and how to access it using a pair of tennis balls! Seriously, a detailed anatomy lesson comes with this class which is great for your understanding of the techniques.


Drop-in: 125k

7-day unlimited: 550k (you can also get 30 day, 2 months and 6 months unlimited passes)

3. Spacious Yoga

Spacious Yoga Ubud

Each morning, the second floor of The Seeds of Life Café on Goutamma Street is transformed into the Spacious Yoga studio where Iain Grysak conducts his Ashtanga yoga tuition.

The studio is anything but spacious, but Ashtanga yogis are used to that!

Daily Mysore style yoga classes are held here from 6:30am – 9:30am (read more about Mysore style yoga here) with a led primary series on Fridays at 7am and a rest day on Saturdays.

Iain is a world-renowned yogi with over 13 years of consistent, daily Mysore style practice leading him to complete the fourth series of Ashtanga yoga. Don’t miss the chance to practice with him if you are in town! He also hosts Ashtanga yoga intensive programmes in Bali – check out his website for more info.

When he’s off studying in Mysore his classes are covered by Rachel Grey who also has an impressive CV.

Beginners are welcome but are asked to commit to at least 5 consecutive days of practice to commit the beginning of the sequence to memory.


Drop-in: 200k

1 week (6 classes): 850k – I found this pretty pricey given I only pay £100 A MONTH for Mysore classes in London with an equally qualified and amazing teacher!

4. Ubud Yoga House

Ubud Yoga House

Nestled right amongst the rice paddies near Campuhan Ridge, Ubud Yoga House has only one studio but my God it’s a good one! Just look at the view you can enjoy right from your mat (photo credit: Ubud Yoga House).

They offer just a few classes per day and one or two evening meditations per week and THIS MUST BE ON YOUR TO DO LIST while you’re in Ubud.

As you settle in to the evening meditation in the open air shala and the sun is setting behind the trees, a sprinkle of fireflies will rise up from the valley and dance in the air around you. Magic!

Favourite class: Mindfulness meditation on a Wednesday evening

Price: 130k drop-in or a variety of class passes are available

5. Intuitive Flow

Intuitive Flow Yoga Ubud

I only managed to attend one class at Intuitive Flow as it was a little far out of town from where I was staying. But its more remote location gives it an advantage – just look at the lush surroundings that will greet you! (Photo credit: Clarinta Travels).

They have a full day’s schedule of yoga classes to suit almost everyone (no Ashtanga, again). I felt more of an authentic connection to the spiritual side of yoga in this studio than I did anywhere else in Ubud.

I’ve heard rumours that the owner, Linda Madani, sometimes bursts into tears when teaching – something to do with the healing power of yoga and releasing emotions. Probably a good thing I missed this – as an emotionally-awkward Brit, public outbursts may have been a bit too much for me to handle…

ruok, yoga in Ubud

Price: 120k for a drop-in class

6. Taksu Yoga

Taksu Yoga Ubud

I knew that Taksu’s offering wasn’t going to be as comprehensive as the likes of The Yoga Barn but even so, I must admit I was a little disappointed when I took a Yin class here. For a second I wondered if I’d come to the wrong place because I’d read such glowing reviews!

As with most places in Ubud the grounds are nestled amongst lush greenery so it’s quite pretty when you walk in through the garden café. The price of a class also got you a free juice afterwards, which I wasn’t complaining about (until I tried the juice…yuck).

The teacher gave good adjustments but I found it really difficult to hear her throughout the whole class as we were in direct earshot of some construction workers drilling away with their tools. Not the best environment for a relaxing Yin class.

I did only attend one class here so maybe I was unlucky!

Price: 120k for a drop-in (post-class juice included) with various class-passes available

And the ones I didn’t get to:

7. Ubud Yoga Centre

Ubud Yoga Centre

To be perfectly honest I didn’t even know this place existed until my last few days in Ubud. It’s a good 30-minute walk outside of town from The Yoga Barn so unless you have a scooter it’s a bit of a hassle to get to (image credit: Ubud Yoga Centre).

But WOW their schedule looks awesome!

On the menu they have Mysore-style Ashtanga, Hot Bikram yoga, Fly High yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates (WTF?!), Hot Ashtanga, Barre…

Definitely worth a look.

Price: drop-in classes are 125k

8. Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Centre

Ashtanga Yoga Research Centre Bali

(Image credit: Ashtanga Yoga Bali

What kind of Ashtanga Yoga Girl doesn’t make it to the research centre when she is in Ubud?!

To be frank I just simply couldn’t afford the fees to study here on my travelling yogi budget. At $100 for one week’s worth of tuition (aka 6 Mysore classes), I chose to stick to Spacious Yoga with a more affordable $65-per-week price tag.

The founders of the research centre, Prem and Radha Carlisi, are both astoundingly committed and experienced Ashtangis with decades of experience between them (I suppose this is why the prices are so high!) They were both authorised to teach by Guruji himself so I was a little heartbroken not to get the chance to study with them.

They offer daily Mysore tuition, workshops and intensive study courses for beginners and experienced Ashtangis alike.

It’s quite far outside of Ubud town centre – they organise a daily shuttle service to take students from Ubud to the studio and back but you have to pay for this. There is no accommodation at the centre.

Price: $100 per week (6 classes)…discounted to $300 if you book for a month

Hotels and resorts

Pretty much any luxury hotel in and around Ubud will also provide private yoga classes for guests (I should bloody well think so looking at their nightly rates!!) including the following that I am aware of:

Still not had enough yoga???

Log on to Yoga At My Place and you can arrange for a teacher to come to your villa/apartment/hotel room for a private class, anywhere in Bali!

Map of yoga studios in Ubud

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