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March Yin yoga playlist

March?! When did that happen! 2017 is going so quickly, it’s crazy…

Over the past month I have been teaching both Ashtanga and Yin yoga at a beautiful retreat centre in Hawaii. Usually I don’t play music during an Ashtanga class as I tend to talk a lot to give instructions and I find music is distracting for students.

During a Yin class, however, there tends to be a lot more silence with the postures being held for 5+mins, so I try to create soothing, relaxed playlists, switching it up every few weeks. I try to avoid the clichéd spa-like music and instead look for actual good songs that have a relaxed feel to them. It has been working really well for me and many of my students have requested the latest playlist for themselves, so I thought I’d share it with the world!

Enjoy 🙂  Love Nat x

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