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Outdoor Voices: active wear worth shouting about

If you’re anything like me and pretty much live in your yoga pants, then it’s only right to invest in some fancy active wear now and then, right?

The brand

Outdoor Voices is one of my all time favourite brands. Their tagline isn’t just your typical basic “our clothes take you from yoga to brunch” vibe, the founder (she’s only 28 years old!) has really put some thought into it.

Their design principles talk about “freeing fitness from perfection” which I love! They’re just clothes after all…you don’t have to be a professional athlete to wear them, you just have to enjoy “moving your body and having fun with friends”. And of course, if you do wanna wear them to brunch you’ll also look super cute.

It’s all just so light hearted, which is a refreshing change from the active wear industry of late. Their campaigns are all about people just “doing things” and feature normal-looking models in almost awkward positions, doing a variety of old-school recreational activities. So unique!

Technical & practical

And obviously it’s not just the branding I’m into: the fabrics are comfy, soft and stretchy: perfect for yoga. If you look closely at my leggings (pics below), you’ll see they have this 10-panel system going on, which means they stretch in loads of different directions but still retain their shape. PLUS the seams make your bottom look peachy. There’s even a mini pocket in the front of them so you can carry a card or keys around with you when you’re running (or just generally doing things).

I have one pair of OV leggings I’ve washed so many times and still there’s zero sign of wear and tear, even though they are cream-coloured! They don’t show any sweat either, although you will be a bit warm in them if you’re running around in summer as they’re quite thick…best for low-impact activities in spring/summer, otherwise save them for cooler climates. I wear an OV crop top to Ashtanga all the time, but I keep my leggings for other activities e.g. Yin yoga, walking etc.

In the UK I wear a size 8 on the top and 10 on the bottom and find the OV size small works well for me all round. The leggings are snug when I first put them on but after a few downward dogs they’re a perfect fit. Because of the snug fit, I usually wear seamless underwear (or a thong) as I get bit of a VPL otherwise.


I love the plain, matte colour palettes and matching sets with that heathered fabric. They bring out new styles every few months or so and I’m always interested to what they’ll do next as there’s always a funky new legging variation in unusual (yet understated) colours. The lack of a big brash logo on the front or back of all their gear is very refreshing, as I feel that’s a bit over done nowadays, don’t you?

Their menswear collection is super plain and simple too, and whilst I can’t vouch for the performance/fit etc., I think it looks damn stylish!

Images courtesy of Outdoor Voices


At around $90 for a pair of leggings and $50 for a crop top, it’s kind of in the region of Sweaty Betty / Lululemon pricing. But for UK readers, I’m afraid you’ll have to add international shipping costs on top of that, as they are only in the states for now 🙁 Let’s hope they branch out overseas soon or I’ll be lost without them when I return home!

Any who, whilst I am working in the states I simply had to take advantage of the free shipping and stock up on some new yoga outfits. I have about five sets now and it’s starting to get out of control. Here’s a few pics of me in action!

P.S. I wasn’t paid to write this – I just wanted to share the love! Hope you like them as much as I do 🙂

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