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Gili Trawangan photo diary

Hey guys!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been staying on Gili Trawangan, a tiny island in Indonesia just off the coast of Lombok/Bali. It’s been a super big change as I have gone from working an office job in the hectic city of London, to teaching yoga every single day in a matter of one week! I also said goodbye to my family and boyfriend in the UK for a few months so I’ve been a little emotional.

However, I’ve been sure to make the most of every moment and had a blast so far.

Almost every day after teaching yoga I have been going down to a snorkelling spot to meet up with my new best friend:

Turtles Gili Trawangan

Snorkelling with turtles

Turtles Gili Trawangan

Snorkelling with turtles

Snorkelling with turtles

These turtles swim up to the shore to feed on the dead coral (it’s abundant here, sadly) so they are super easy to spot.

I also went horse riding at sunset along the beach which was pretty special! I would advise complete beginners to be wary; my horse wasn’t very well behaved and I was only able to keep it under control thanks to many experiences riding naughty horses in South Africa.

Horse riding Gili T

There are no cars on the island so the only transport options are walking, cycling or horses and carts, which are known as cidomos. I’m not convinced those horses are treated very well at all, so I’ve stuck to just getting around by foot, which has been fine since you can walk round the entire island in about 2 hours.

I also met up with two great friends from back home who got engaged the week before during their trip to Bali! They treated me to an amazing meal at Casa Vintage, a restaurant with the best sunset views you’ll ever see.

Casa Vintage Gili T

casa vintage sunset

Fun fact: did you know that Kate Middleton comes free diving on Gili T?

Ok so it’s not the Kate Middleton, but a Kate Middleton who is equally impressive as the Duchess; she holds the women’s world record for free diving and can hold her breath for a whopping 7 mins. I’m hoping I’ll be able to learn her mermaid ways at some point and try free diving for myself!

Boat Gili T


More posts to follow on yoga/food/travel in Indonesia. Thanks for reading folks 🙂

Love Nat x x x

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