About me

Namaste everyone!

My name is Nat and I’m delighted to be sharing my yoga journey with you.

I am head over heels about Ashtanga yoga and love nothing more than to travel and meet other teachers and practitioners around the world. I’m on a lifelong mission to explore this wonderful practice that has brought me so much joy.

My journey into yoga has made me super passionate about all things health and wellbeing, so on my blog you’ll find a variety of content from my yoga travels, from asana and pranayama to nutrition and self-care.

I am delighted that you have taken the time to look me up! If you fancy some more regular updates then hit me up on Instagram or Facebook or get in touch directly 🙂

Love love love

Nat x x x

p.s. if you’d like to know more, here are some fun, non-yoga-related facts about me!

  • I love animals so much sometimes I cry when I see a cute dog
  • I have a phobia of wind turbines (don’t think there’s a name for that one)
  • Chocolate biscuits are my biggest weakness (don’t eat the last one or there will be repercussions)
  • I studied physics at university
  • I really love dogs, I dream of having a big bear-like dog such as a Leonberger or a Newfoundland
  • My favourite colour is dog
  • I got hit in the face with a hockey stick once and ever since I’ve had a recurring nightmare that my teeth are falling out
  • I have a Grade 8 certificate in practical piano
  • I have two wonderful younger sisters but somehow they’ve always seemed to be the ones looking after me…
  • I worked in South Africa for 6 months and absolutely fell in love with the country – I want to live there one day
  • My favourite animals are dolphins and DOGS
  • I’m an amateur photographer – all the gear but very little idea